You can generate reports on the data from UnityVision.

You can distribute reports as emails or save reports to files. You can schedule reports to run automatically or manually generate a report at any time. When you run a report, UnityVision saves the report to the \Data\Reports path for the server (by default) or the path that you set when you install the UnityVision Server.

UnityVision includes the following reports:
  • Alarm Report—a report that displays a list of and information about individual alarms
  • Alarm Statistics—a report that summarizes all alarms for a specific time
  • Face Recognition Report—a report that displays information about matched faces
  • Heat Map Image—a report that displays a graphical representation of traffic patterns
  • Object Counts—a report that summarizes the number of objects
  • Object Counts Across a Line—a report that summarizes the object counts across a line
  • Object Statistics—a report that compares traffic and dwell time

To run reports, a user must have the Connect and Execute Report permissions. To run the Heat Map Image report, the user must additionally have the Search permission.