UnityVision Server services

The UnityVision Server runs the following services.

Service Function

AI Authentication Service

  • Performs single sign-on authentication
  • Log file prefix:
    • sso

AI AxisPACSListener

  • Communicates with Axis access control devices
  • Optional service/Manual installation
  • Log file prefix:
    • aacl

AI DataAccessService

  • Communicates with the UnityVision database
  • Log file prefix:
    • da

AI Enterprise Management Service

  • Communicates with the Enterprise Manager
  • Updates UnityVision Server software automatically when using Enterprise Manager to make configuration changes
  • Log file prefix:
    • fs

AI InfoService

  • Hosts the UnityVision Web service that receives all requests from the UnityVision Client
  • Hosts the Web server for the server configuration interface
  • Retrieves timeline data from footage storage
  • Log file prefixes:
    • is (information service)
    • isac (access control)
    • isbk (automatic backup)

AI Mobile Bridge

  • Facilitates communication between mobile devices and the UnityVision Server
  • Facilitates communication between Senstar Thin Client devices and the UnityVision Server
  • Log file prefix:
    • mo

AI NetSendHist

  • Retrieves historical video from the footage storage
  • Streams video
  • Creates historical images
  • Log file prefix:
    • hs

AI OPCServer

  • Communicates with the OPC Server
  • Optional service/Manual installation
  • Log file prefix:
    • op

AI Scheduler

  • Polls hardware alarm inputs
  • Generates alarms
  • Generates reports
  • Removes expired video files
  • Retrieves search results (video and XML) from the NAS
  • Log file prefixes:
    • sc (scheduler)
    • scac (actions)
    • scax (access)
    • sccl (cleaner)
    • sccp (CPU/memory)
    • scis (multicaster)
    • scpm (PTZ)
    • scse (searches)

AI SNMP Registry

  • Registers sub-agents

AI Tracker

  • Analyzes video
  • Saves video to storage
  • Log file prefix:
    • cs

The UnityVision Server creates an instance of the AI Tracker service for each camera. The names of the AI Tracker service instances include the ID of the camera.

AI Watchdog

  • Monitors and starts UnityVision services
  • Log file prefixes:
    • hm (health monitoring)
    • nu (health monitor)