Export video to file

You can export video from the UnityVision Client as .aira or .avi files.

  1. In the client interface, perform one of the following tasks:
    • Right-click the camera view panel and click Export.
    • Hover over the camera view panel and click the Export icon.
    • Right-click the timeline to mark the export start and export end, and click Export.
  2. To add a camera stream to the export, perform the following tasks:
    1. Click Add.
    2. Select the camera and click Add.
    3. In the sources list, select the stream in the Stream column.
    4. If required, modify the start and end time for the export.
  3. In the Destination list, select Local Disk and specify the file location for the exported video.
  4. In the Format field, select the file format to use for the video export.
  5. To include the UnityVision Player with the video export, select .
    You can use the UnityVision Player to play .aira files.
  6. To protect the video export files with a password, perform the following tasks:
    1. Select Password Protect.
    2. Type and confirm the password.
  7. In the Split Files at field, select the maximum size (in MBs) for the video export files.
    UnityVision divides the exported video into files no larger than the size that you specify.
  8. Click Export.