Play a video file

You can play video from a file or a URL.

You can export a video file from camera view panels or search results in the Client.

You can generate a video URL by exporting search results by exporting search results as an email link. To play video from a URL, the computer hosting the Player must be on the same network as the Server.

  1. In the Player, perform one of the following tasks:
    • To play video from a file, click File > Play From File, navigate to the file, and click Open.
    • To play video from a URL, click File > Play From URL, type the URL, and click OK.
  2. To show decorations, click Decorations and select or clear decorations.
  3. To zoom, click Zoom and either Zoom In or Zoom Out.
  4. To set the playback speed, move the Speed slider to the desired speed.
  5. To navigate through the video, use the following controls:


    Play or pause the video.

    < snippet

    Move backwards to the last activity in the video.

    < frame

    Move backwards one frame.

    frame >

    Move forwards one frame.

    snippet >

    Move forwards to the next activity in the video.


    Move the slider to navigate to the corresponding position in the video.