Add a mobile camera

You can add the camera on a mobile device to UnityVision when you use Mobile Bridge. The mobile camera must be on for UnityVision to receive video.

To use a mobile camera, you must open port 49900 on the firewall.

  1. In the server configuration interface, click Devices > Cameras.
  2. Click Add Cameras.
  3. Click Add Camera Manually.
  4. In the Address field, type
  5. In the Driver field, select Mobile.
  6. In the User Name and Password fields, type the credentials for the Mobile Bridge.
  7. Click Connect.
  8. In the Camera Name field, type a name for the mobile camera.
  9. In the Template field, select a template for the mobile camera.
  10. In the Group field, select the group for the mobile camera.
  11. In the Add-Ons field, select None.
    Note: UnityVision video analytics do not support mobile cameras.
  12. In the Server field, select the UnityVision Server for the mobile camera.
  13. Click Add 1 Selected Camera.
  14. Configure the settings for the mobile camera.
    Note: The resolution on the mobile device must match the resolution set in the server configuration interface to transmit video.
  15. Click Save.