Add a stream

You can add a stream to a camera that UnityVision can use to display video at a reduced resource cost.

  1. In the server configuration interface, click Devices > Cameras.
  2. Select a camera and click Edit.
  3. In the Video section, click Add Stream.
  4. In the Resolution field, select the resolution for the stream.
  5. In the FPS field, select the frames per second for the stream.
  6. In the Video Codec field, select the video codec for the stream.
  7. In the Transport field, select how the camera transmits video from the stream to UnityVision.
  8. In the Bitrate field, select the bitrate for the stream.
  9. In the Key Frame Interval list, select the frequency of frames in the video that UnityVision considers to be key frames.
  10. In the Recording Mode list, select when UnityVision records video from the stream.
  11. In the Schedule list, select when the recording mode is active for the stream.
  12. Click Save.