Configure mobile connections

You can configure UnityVision to support connections with UnityVision mobile applications on mobile devices.

The mobile connections functionality in UnityVision replaces the Mobile Bridge standalone application. For more information on the Mobile Bridge standalone application, see the UnityVision Mobile Bridge Installation Guide.

  1. In the server configuration interface, click Settings > General Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Mobile Connections section.
  3. To select the SSL certificate, click Change, select the certificate, and click OK.
  4. In the Mobile Port field, set the port that UnityVision uses to listen for requests from mobile devices.
  5. In the Video Proxy Port field, set the port that UnityVision uses to stream video to and receive video from mobile devices.
  6. To allow UnityVision to send push notifications to iOS devices, select Enable iOS Notifications.
  7. Click Save.