Configure the Web Client

  1. In the server configuration interface, click Settings > General Settings.
  2. To use load balancing with the Web Client, select Randomly redirect master server logins to other available servers in the farm.
  3. Set how often the Web Client refreshes the information on the Monitoring tab in the Refresh rate field.
  4. To use an ICE serve, complete the following tasks:
    1. Select Use an ICE Server.
    2. Select the type of the ICE server (either TURN or STUN).
    3. In the URL field, type the IP address of the ICE server.
    4. In the Username field, type the username that UnityVision uses for authentication with the ICE server.
    5. In the Password field, type the password that UnityVision use for authentication with the ICE server.
  5. Click Save.